Engage Groups

Small groups really are the heart of any church.  This is where we grow in our faith and becoming the Church Jesus designed us to be.  Proverbs 27:17 talks about iron sharpening iron, so we sharpen one another, equiping Christ's body (the church) to be transformed, and to go out to transform the community.  The early church met daily to encourage one another, and do life together (Acts 2:42-47), and God blessed them by adding to their numbers by transforming people's lives all around them.  There are so many ways to join, let us know if you need help finding, or starting, an Engage Group.  To sign up or ask questions reach out to the staff here.

Were you born in, or around, the 1980's?  This is the Engage Group is for you!  We gather once a month on a Sunday's afternoon for friendship and sharing what God has been up to in our lives and family.  

Faith Family Bible church puts on an amazing Awana club on Monday's (middle & high school students) and Wednesday's (elementary school students).  To sign up or ask questions, email Jim.

This Bible study group is filled with great questions to see how the Bible applies to life.  All are welcome to attend this group that meets in the Engage office.  Bring your Bible and your questions and thoughts.  

This worship service is for any and all who are willing to admit that they have habits, hang-ups and hurts, which is all of us.  This ministry has dinner, worship and small groups with the goal of helping people heal.  There are many ways to get invovled, and all are invited.  

This worship service meets on Sunday's at 4:00pm, and concludes as the Spirit leads.    

This amazing group of people gathers for prayer and then look to serve any who come to worship Jesus on a Sunday morning.  They provide great treats, directions, and are a great first contact as we gather together.  

This is an elected group of people from the congregation that holds our church in their prayer, and sets the vision for Engage Church.  They meet quarterly in addition to as needed meetings.

Men gathering together with men, enjoying friendship and mainly food once a month on Saturday's.

Kiddoes get a lesson aimed for them, full of fun, activities and the chance to learn about Scripture in a way that encourages them to explore who Jesus is.  

This group explores what is happening in the Scriptures every other week online together.  All are welcome.  

Women gathering together with women, enjoying friendship and food once a month on Saturday's, but much more sophisticated than the men breakfast.

Worship is so much more than music.  This team is responsible for leading the congregation in worship and removing as many distractions as possible.  Join this team to be on the Audio Visual team, Scripture reading group, prayer people, and special music people.  

Being a youth isn't always easy. It's a time to discover who you, but also a great time disover who Christ is, and who you are in Him.  What better way to do that than with friends, fellowship, games and food.